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Astrid 𖦹

❥ hii i'm astrid and i'm a scemo/scene emo ✧ I hope we can be friends!! 🍥

links 🧸

discord sever 12+ | WIP disco server | Also WIP disco serv | pinterest

。゚•┈୨♡୧┈• 。゚

byf/before u friend 🧋

I might start talking about drama n stuff but plz telll me if u don't like it, I also don't like if u ask how old I am it just makes me assume you are an old guyy aka 6900 yrs old man👽

dislikes 🍡 The snodat dude on spacehey(like dude go to a fucking porn site to have those pfps or smth), proshippers, yelling/screaming, arguments

dfi/don't friend if 💮

people who like UrbanSPOOKS, Leafyishere, dream, yandev, shane dawson, and an other problematic person immediatly run awayy from me before i call he IRS on u pooks<3, also if ur a proshipper...i'm running awayy from u and calling the police THIS INCLUDES FUJIOSHI'S TOO

likes 🍪 music, games, digital and analog horror, drawing, sanrio, and talking(SOMETIMES)

stan list ! 🍰

kpop WONDER GIRLS, Orange Caramel, TWICE, and SPICA 
outro grupo grupo grupo grupo grupo 
animes perfect blue, Madoka Magica, & K-ONseries Girl From Nowhere, Slenderverse series(marble hornets, everymanhybrid, tribetwelve ect), TDI/Total Drama Island, and this one isnt a series but Tales of Terror from Tokyo

carrd feito por frutaestrela, insp eocarrd